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Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

BACKSTORY: You know those days where your brain is so overloaded that you can’t function anymore? well, that is what this painting represents sensory overload. This pice is great to hang up in a bedroom or living room so that whenever you have one of those days you can stop and let your brain rest.  This painting is a blend of liner strokes of colors red, black, silver, and yellow. The layered colors give the piece a textured surface, symbolizing the chemical synapsis in your head. Complement this panting with a black floater frame to enhance your visual experience.

Size(s): 30” H x 40” W x 2 in

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Are you looking for the gallery that represents the people? well here you have it. This webpage believes that Artwork can be used to enhance mental health and a person's overall well being. Artwork of all kinds really promote stress relief. Our  gallery's purpose is to shine joy, happiness and understanding through color, subject matter, and composition. Buying a painting  also supports the artist directly. These Paintings really make a house feel like home.


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