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A Sense of Place

Paintings that focus on Landscapes & Cityscapes.

Artist Mission

Scott Benites (b.1991) is a New York art prodigy taking over the New York and world art scene. Growing up on the upper west side, he has found inspiration in city architecture, scenic moments in nature and the hustle and bustle of the city.  His art is quirky, unique, and gritty filled with social-political overtones. Many of his unique pieces share an intimate story of New York City streets.“My mission is to enhance people’s lives through art, creativity, and self-expression. I want to make art accessible and make a positive difference in people’s lives.”

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Abstract Art
How to Create Big Style in a Small Space
Here you will find Abstract artwork with deep and profound themes revealed by the angular lines and colors. "Tribo" is one of my personal favorites. Please click on the painting to browse through and select your Favorite masterpiece!
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Who is the New York City painter?

Are you an Art enthusiast looking to collect exclusive paintings of New York City? Well look no further here it is. You can trust us  to be your primary Fine Art's connection.Scott has sold to hundreds of clients in New York City and it's his honor to showcase his Art collection to  the world. We are here to meet the needs of Art enthusiasts who favor cityscapes & landscapes. This site is managed by the Artist who sells his giclee canvas prints directly to you with lightning speed delivery. Scott is a professional Fine Artist with over ten years of experience in the field, he is sure to provide you with finest quality Artwork. Support his work and contribute to the expansion of Creative Growth.