Scott Benites (b.1991) has a natural passion for Arts. After his first exhibition at the MoMa as a teenager Scott was accepted to the art institute of Boston. He then went to Pratt institute for higher learning in design. After completing his associates degree at Pratt institute he got his Bachelors of Fine Arts at Lehman college graduating magna cum laude.

Scotts main subjects include cityscapes paintings of local views. Hes been granted the pleasure to grow up in one of the most beautiful cities in the world New York. He is fascinated  by the architecture New York is known for and he paints the Manhattan skyline.  Scott has been painting with oil paint for about ten years and loves the range of effects you can achieve with the medium. He says that “oil paint is so versatile that you can thin down the paint to create gentle wash paintings or layer the pigment to make textured impasto pieces.” What makes Scotts  art unique is that he experiments with multitudes of subjects.For example he also creates abstract, figurative, wildlife and harbor paintings. 


Scott loves the idea of  sustaining himself with creativity. Creating nothing from something is a phenomenon Scott will continue to enjoy. Also scott is driven by discovering like minded people who share the same love for art as he does  but are unable to be creative. They either lack the time or commitment it takes to make a cityscape. His artwork is known for captivating his fans. Scotts quality artwork is recognised by the people of the community, and others around the world.


Scott is a native New Yorker born and raised in the city.  His family is of Latino decent. He is happy to be a positive role model in the latino culture. His fathers is Brazilian American  and his mother is Dominican American.  He currently lives on the upperwest side and much of his artwork is a reflection of the neighborhood. Scotts goal is to create blue chip quality artwork. 

Scotts artwork has been shown in  numerous gallery’s around the five boroughs of New York. He recently had a group exhibition downtown at the New York art gallery in Tribeca, at the Lehman college art gallery in the bronx, and at the Friday studio gallery in bushwick Brooklyn.

 You can get in touch with him directly on the contact me tab or reach out to him via social media.