Kirby-Artistic Giclee prints-scottbenites
Kirby-Artistic Giclee prints-scottbenites


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Painting: Acrylic on Canvas.

BACKSTORY: If you are a collector that is big on surface texture then this painting is for you. First look at "Kirby" and you're immediately blown away from the finish of the work. The surface is filled with Energetic and Evocative forms and shapes of color all dripped and splattered with the gestural lines on to the square canvas to create a familiar form from the Nintendo era-Kirby.

Originally Kirby is known to have a round appearance and has the ability to copy his foes' powers. He is a legend in the pc world and is also for me a childhood star.
The game character is seen in all his career as cheerful, innocent, and food-loving but becomes fearless, bold, and clever in the face of danger. This Kirby painting is a symbol of a timeless hero for many generations to come.

Size(s):24" H x 24" W x 2 in

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