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BACKSTORY: Do you like walking around New York and seeing what the neighborhoods have to offer? Then this painting is for you. 96th and Columbus illustrates a wide street scene of New York. The tall traffic lights and building scaffolding’s are iconic characteristics of inner city infrastructure. If you have never been to NewYork and your planning to someday visit this painting gives you a glimpse inside the city.   

Size(s): 14” H x 11” W x 2 in

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My philosophy

Are you looking for the gallery that represents the people? well here you have it. This webpage believes that Artwork can be used to enhance mental health and a person's overall well being. Artwork of all kinds really promote stress relief. Our  gallery's purpose is to shine joy, happiness and understanding through color, subject matter, and composition. Buying a painting  also supports the artist directly. These Paintings really make a house feel like home.


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Scott Benites

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